How To Use Shisha


To enjoy a satisfying smoke, selecting the appropriate shisha is crucial. The size, make, and style of the hookah should all be taken into account while choosing a shisha. The amount of smoke the hookah produces is dependent on personal liking and the size of the device. Because they are enduring and simple to maintain, glass and ceramic hookahs are very popular. Although other individuals enjoy the traditional appearance and feel of wooden or metal hookahs.

The shape of the shisha also affects how well it smokes; some shapes provide better airflow, while others have more intricate filtration systems for a more comfortable smoking experience.

Before using the shisha, it is important to have it ready for use. First, make sure that the hookah is completely clean and clear of all traces of tobacco. Make sure there is enough water in the glass base to cover the stem by about 1-2 inches. Ice cubes should then be added to cool the smoke. Place the metal tray on top of the stem, and then use a rubber grommet to fasten the bowl to it.

Making sure that it is neither too loosely packed nor too firmly packed, add shisha tobacco to the bowl.

A crucial part of smoking shisha is packing and lighting the bowl. Tobacco should first be added to the bowl, being cautious not to overfill it as this can influence the flavor and ventilation. To ensure a uniform dispersion of tobacco, break up any clumps with your fingertips. Next, place a tight-fitting metal screen or piece of foil over the basin.

To create air channels for smoke to move through, pierce holes through the foil with a toothpick or safety pin. Finally, ignite the tobacco using a lighter or coal, holding it above the foil until it begins to burn uniformly.

It’s crucial to smoke shisha correctly for a satisfying and secure experience. First, check to see that the shisha is correctly put together and that all connections are secure. After that, add water to the base until it reaches the area 1-2 inches above the downstem. To make the smoke colder, add ice cubes. Fill the bowl to the brim with shisha tobacco and carefully wrap it in foil, evenly poking holes all over.

Coals that have been lit with a burner or lighter should be placed on top of the foil. Before taking your initial inhalation, give the smoke time to accumulate in the base.

In order to maximize your smoking experience, it’s crucial to clean and maintain your shisha. Disassemble every component of your shisha and wash it with warm water to clean it. Remove any buildup or debris from the stem and bowl using a brush. Before reassembling, thoroughly dry all the components. Additionally, it’s crucial to change the water after each usage to avoid smoke that tastes stale or bad.

Additionally, check your shisha frequently for any fractures or damage that could degrade its function. Every time you use your shisha, a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience is guaranteed with proper maintenance.

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