How To Use A Voodoo Hookah


Setting up a voodoo hookah can be a bit daunting, but with the right steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your first hit in no time. The first step is to select the right bowl that suits your preferences. There are various bowls available, and you need to choose one that matches your smoking style. After selecting the bowl, it’s time to pack the shisha tobacco tightly into the bowl.

You need to ensure that there are no gaps as it may affect the airflow and cause an unpleasant smoking experience. Next, fill up the water basin with water until it covers about an inch of the stem. You can add ice cubes or fruit juice to enhance your smoking experience. Now you’re ready to attach the hoses. Make sure they’re not tangled and securely attached to both ends of the hookah.

Once everything is in place, light up some coals and place them on top of your packed shisha tobacco. As soon as you see smoke coming out from the bowl, take a deep inhale from one of the hoses while covering other hoses’ ends with your fingers.Lighting and inhaling from a voodoo hookah is a simple process, but it requires some attention to detail.

Before lighting the charcoal, make sure that the tobacco is packed correctly in the bowl and that the hose is securely attached to the hookah. Once you’re ready, light the charcoal using a lighter or a matchstick and wait for it to become fully red-hot. When inhaling from the hose, take slow and steady draws rather than deep ones to avoid inhaling too much smoke or experiencing harshness.

It’s also important to manage the charcoal by occasionally moving it around on top of the bowl with tongs to ensure even heating of the tobacco. If you’re using natural coconut coals, make sure they are fully lit before placing them on top of the bowl. This may take several minutes but will provide a better smoking experience than using quick-light coals that contain chemicals.

Remember always to dispose of used coals properly and never leave them unattended while still hot.Maintaining and cleaning your voodoo hookah is crucial to its longevity and performance. To ensure that you can enjoy the best smoking experience, it’s important to clean your hookah regularly to prevent the buildup of ash or resin. The first step in maintaining your voodoo hookah is to disassemble it after each use.

This will allow you to clean each part individually, making sure that no residue is left behind. Start by emptying the bowl and removing any remaining charcoal, then unscrew the stem from the base. Next, rinse all parts thoroughly with warm water and scrub with a soft brush or sponge. Be sure to remove any ash or resin buildup from the bowl, stem, hose, and base.

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