How To Make Homeade Shisha Without Tobacco


You’ll need a few simple ingredients to manufacture DIY shisha sans tobacco. You will first require a bowl to contain the shisha. Any bowl that can withstand heat and hold the shisha mixture can be used for this. The base or vase for your hookah pipe is the next item you’ll need. This should be able to contain water and can be made of glass or ceramic.

Additionally, a hose or tube of some sort is required to join the base and bowl. Last but not least, you will require materials for your shisha mix, including dry herbs, fruits, honey, glycerin, and flavorings like mint or vanilla essence.

Making homemade shisha sans tobacco begins with preparing your foundation. You must combine flavorings and herbs with a base liquid, such as vegetable glycerin or honey. Your base liquid should first be heated in a pot until it is warm but not boiling. After that, flavor the heated liquid with the herbs and flavorings of your choice, such as mint or lavender.

Before filtering any solids out of the mixture, let it steep for 15 to 20 minutes. Before adding the base to your shisha bowl after straining, let it cool. The foundation of your handmade shisha experience will be this tasty base.

Making homemade shisha without tobacco is one of the finest things because you may combine tastes to make your own special blend. Start by selecting two or three distinct herbal molasses flavors. After that, combine a small bit of each flavor in a bowl. Until you find the ideal balance, you can experiment with various ratios.

Don’t be scared to use your imagination; try enhancing the flavor by adding fruit juices or extracts. To recreate your recipe later, don’t forget to write it down!

It is crucial to give the handmade shisha some time to rest after making it. This enables the tastes to increase and totally meld together. Just wrap the bowl in foil or plastic wrap and set it aside to cool to room temperature. For an even stronger flavor, some people even prefer to let it sit overnight. You may also get your hookah ready at this time by giving it a good washing with warm water and soap.

After the shisha has had time to rest, place it in the bowl of your hookah and take pleasure in a delectable smoke session free of any dangerous tobacco additives!

It’s time to enjoy your homemade, tobacco-free shisha that you just created! To smoke, pick a well-ventilated environment, preferably outside. For an even cooler smoking, add some ice cubes to the cold water in your hookah base. Make sure to evenly spread the homemade shisha mix as you fill your bowl. The cleaner, longer-burning natural coconut coals are the best choice for heating your bowl.

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