How To Assemble A Silicone Bong After Cleaning


Cleaning glass bongs can be a time-consuming and delicate process, but it’s essential to keep your device functioning properly. After you’ve cleaned your glass, ceramic or silicone bong, it’s time to reassemble it. When dealing with silicone bongs, you’ll want to make sure you don’t damage the material in the process. One highly effective method is using an alcohol salt solution. However, be mindful that some recipes contain ingredients that can damage ceramic or scratch inside a glass bong.
After you have cleaned your silicone bong using used pipe cleaners and soap, it’s time to reassemble the pieces. First, attach the silicone downstem onto the bong’s base. Then, insert one of your piece glass pipes into the downstem. Before attaching the bowl onto the glass pipe, make sure to give it a thorough clean to ensure that there are no leftover particles from previous use.
After washing your bong, you can opt to use a dishwasher rinse cycle to clean it further. However, if you do not have a dishwasher or prefer other cleaning methods, you can use soap water and an approved silicone cleaner. Make sure to clean the silicone bowl separately and soak your bong in the cleaner for a few hours before rinsing it off thoroughly. This is the most reliable way to remove resins and get your bong looking as good as new. If you still have some stubborn stains or residues on your bong bowls, machine wash them under the right conditions.
Cleaning your silicone bong is an important part of enjoying a pleasant smoking experience. To clean your bong, you will need a store-bought bong cleaner or a typical cleaning solution of alcohol and salt. After the cleaning process, be sure to rinse thoroughly with water to remove any dirty bong water residue. If you notice lingering particularly nasty smells, consider adding some lemon juice or baking soda to the water for an extra clean scent. Once the cleaning process is complete, it’s time to assemble your bong. One benefit of silicone bongs is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble. The necessary components include the bowl piece, downstem, base, and body of the bong.
After cleaning your silicone bong with isopropyl alcohol and salt, it’s time to assemble it for an immediate smoke session. First, run a pipe cleaner through the bong pipe to remove any remaining grime. Then, reattach the bowl piece and downstem to the base before attaching the body of the bong. Assembling your bong correctly will help it withstand higher temperatures and improve its use during future smoke sessions. A clean bong pipe also looks better and reduces the frequency of cleaning required. Remember that silicone bongs are made to use water, so be sure to add enough water for optimal filtration.
After cleaning your silicone bong, it’s important to assemble it properly to avoid causing irreparable damage. Avoid using bleach when cleaning as this can cause microtears and weaken the material. Silicone bongs are made using lesser-known materials that offer a variety of benefits over traditional glass bongs and weed pipes. However, they can accumulate gunk over time, so be sure to clean them regularly. Remember to add enough water for optimal filtration when assembling your piece.

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