How Much Nicotine And Tobacco In 30G Of Shisha


Knowing the ingredients of shisha will help you estimate how much nicotine and tobacco are in it. Molasses, glycerin, and tobacco are the main ingredients of shisha. The tobacco used in shisha differs from tobacco used in cigarettes in that it is flavor-infused and wet with glycerin to create a sweet scent. The type of tobacco used, the manner of preparation, and the length of smoking all affect how much nicotine is contained in shisha.

The dangers of shisha use are frequently underrated. Although shisha smoking is thought to be less dangerous than cigarette smoking, it nonetheless exposes users to significant nicotine and tobacco exposure. As much nicotine as a box of cigarettes can be found in a typical 30g session of shisha, raising the likelihood of addiction and posing health risks. Additionally, dangerous substances like carbon monoxide and heavy metals found in shisha smoke can hurt the lungs and raise the risk of respiratory illnesses like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.

What is the Nicotine Content in 30g of Shisha? The kind of tobacco used, the brand, and the flavor all influence how much nicotine is contained in shisha. However, 30g of shisha typically contains between 0.5 and 1.5mg of nicotine. It is significant to remember that, in terms of nicotine and tar ingested, smoking shisha for an hour can be comparable to smoking 100 or more cigarettes.

The nicotine content of cigarettes and shisha is very different. A 30g shisha bowl can contain up to 150mg of nicotine, which is roughly similar to smoking 12 cigarettes, as opposed to the usual cigarette’s 12mg nicotine content. This is due to the fact that shisha tobacco is frequently combined with molasses or honey, which raises its moisture content and permits a slower burn.

Smokers are able to inhale more smoke over a longer period of time as a result, which increases the rate of nicotine absorption.

It’s crucial to know how much tobacco is in your smoke if you smoke shisha. The average 30g pack of shisha comprises 10–12g of tobacco, with the remainder being flavorings and molasses. This might not seem like much, but keep in mind that shisha smoking includes taking in a lot of smoke.

smoke a smaller bowl to limit the amount of tobacco you smoke and your exposure to nicotine as a result. Smoke fewer cigarettes; reducing the amount of times you smoke shisha can help lower your overall nicotine and tobacco exposure. Pick natural coals over quick-light coals because they burn more slowly and emit less smoke, which means less exposure to toxic chemicals.

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